roswell Cover - up

. Walter Haut : Former Roswell base public information officer who issued the base press release. . In addition, other independent witnesses have provided first and second-hand testimony about small bodies being found with details very similar to those provided by Dennis, including Walter Haut, Frederick Benthal, Eli Benjamin, and relatives of "Pappy" Henderson, immediately below. See also debris descriptions for more testimony. The best evidence available is always the data collected soonest after the occurrence.

However, in light of the Ramey memo, that places the finding of "victims" and a "disk" on around July 8, Kaufmann's statements about a July 5 recovery date for the craft and bodies is almost undoubtably false, as was his crash location. But like all popular legends, there are as many versions as there are Storytellers. ( Brazel's testimony on debris ) New! Exon added that he was aware of other crash-recoveries that occurred while he was C/O at Wright-Patterson. .

Aliens At Roswell,

Because of what he saw, he knew that the balloon explanation was ridiculous and there had been a cover-up. . Crash (presumably Roswell) plus being told of either 3 or 5 aliens being recovered, one initially alive. . Finally he claimed that distant cousin of his was with the Secret Service and was there at the base representing President Truman. . Payne Jennings, who was now the Acting C/O with Col. Marcel's testimony on anomalous debris. Blanchard officially on leave. . Among the theories about the Roswell incident is that this was the crash of some highly secretive government experimental craft piloted by a human crew. As the Air Force Roswell report itself noted (using splendid circular reasoning) reports of bodies being recovered couldn't be true because the crash was of a Mogul balloon, which had "no 'alien' passengers therein.". The military would not wait for a local rancher to tell them about it nor would there be any need for continued secrecy into the present day. . Another easily seen keyword and phrase is "disc" and "IN THE 'disc" on the fifth line. . Ramey's office are contradicted by Marcel's record and Ramey's own highly complimentary remarks about him a year later. 2007 Sgt Frederick Benthal: Army photographer flown in from Washington.C., gun Control misc7 said he photographed alien bodies in a tent at crash site and saw large quantities of crash debris being hauled away in trucks.