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extraverts. However when we read his words we can see not only his take but also his opinion. The introverted attitude is more concerned with subjective appraisal and often gives more consideration to fantasies and dreams. We all know what Jung meant by Extraversion and Introversion, but do we know what he actually said? The final two functions sensation and intuition may seem very similar, but there is an important distinction. He later claimed that low levels of cortical arousal in extraverts lead them to seek stimulation from their environment, whilst introverts increased cortical arousal reduces their need to engage with external stimuli ( Eysenck, 1979 ). Today, extraversion remains an important measure of the way in which our personalities differ from one another. It is only the person who achieves self-realization that has completely developed all four functions.

Thinking, jung theorized that people understand the world through a mix of concrete ideas and abstract ones, but the abstract concepts are ones passed down from other people. They will generally enjoy a wide social network of friends and acquaintances resulting from their outgoing behavior.

Extroverted, feeling, these people judge the value of things based on objective fact. Eysenck developed a model of personality, focussing on extraversion and neuroticism traits (. While a person faces one direction, he or she still uses the other points as a guide. After some argument over the validity of psychoanalysis, Jung and Freud went their separate ways, and Jung went on to develop the analytical psychology, which differentiated the personal unconscious from the collective unconscious, which reflects the shared unconscious thoughts among humans. But at the same time, their brother or sister will be an introvert. Introverts feel more comfortable when socialising in small groups, and with people who they are familiar with. When we read his actual words we get a superb insight into Jungs head and his direct, blunt and well. 960-87 and get a superb insight, and a great laugh. Personality Types, defined by Carl Jung, extroverted. Do we become extraverted or introverted depending on the way we are socialised? Noftle and Shaver reported that children who formed a secure attachment with a parent exhibited higher levels of extraversion than those who formed other types of attachment.

Nature, according to Eysenck, biological factors play a significant role in determining our personality traits. Siegelman (1966) reported that sons who were punished by their parents would exhibit more introverted behavior than those who were less severely disciplined. Most people keep one function as the dominant one although some people may develop two over a lifetime. His own world is a safe harbour, a carefully tended and walled-in garden, closed to the public and hidden from prying eyes. They are usually outgoing, talkative and are happy to be the center of attention even in a group of strangers. Extraversion and Happiness Are extraverts happier than introverts? Extraverts enjoy social situations and therefore active seek them out, whilst introverts find them uncomfortable and look for solitude as a way of avoiding unwanted social interactions ( Hills Argyle, 2001 ).