faling Children: Whos to blame?

with a disability (ml) and, moreover, the great loss art suffered in times prior to our own when such conditions were not diagnosed or were misdiagnosed. Just offering a different interpretation. "She holds the hand that holds her down she will rise above" says to me that she is not going to give up and even though her disability holds her down she is going to hold on and conquer n - Independence,. My views of the song are this:the mother reads aloud for her daughter to understand whats going on as her father sexually assults ica - Wanaque,.

Children with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum DO remember things and CAN PAT attenti0N to things that interest them (ex: i have a student who knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs, and another is fixated on airplanes.) They are not so confused. It's hard to pull away from this type of abuse as poverty In Paradise she is already feeling inadequate. The "Daugher" spends a lot of time in her own head (shades go down)That she feels shame from the shame of the parents is obvious. It has all of these people talking about it and discussing it's virtues and merit! The picture kept will remind." "The shades go down." This is obviously sexual abuse. As to whether this girl has dyslexia or another mental dis-ease, this is probable. This is a sad, but powerful song about empowering yourself to break away from abusive parents. Beacause something is brutally honest it can't be beautiful? David, the soundtrack to "I Am Sam" is made up exclusively of contemporary artists covering Beatles songs, as Sean Penn's character Sam (who is mentally disabled but whose daughter is not) is obsessed with The Beatles. and she is obviously traumatized. It is easier to hold the image of what a mother should be-what she now has to teach herself because her mother could not do this for her, for whatever reasons.