vying for Ownership: Eveline

around, i know i have found. Born into a Polish-Ukrainian family, Evelina starting singing solo at the tender age. Don't close your eyes, those who went through desert, passed never ending forever.

Soon we'll be playing in the sun. Evelina first took part in her countrys national selection last year, coming third. And these are things that never go out of fashion. When sun will shine at your face. They know my dream will come true. Everlasting, love for life, love of mine. Trends come and go but I believe 'C'est ma vie' is a kind of song that both 6-year olds and 66-year olds can relate to Evelina says. I always thought singing in musicals is where I feel the strongest.

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"I remember watching the contest as a small child. Now, where does Eurovision come into the equation? "Some people say it sounds like a song from a musical. Following her TV debut, Evelina was asked to take part in several projects with Lithuania's State Symphony Orchestra. Time will give the answers, for all your great tribulations. C'est ma vie, je dis "oui no more rain around, i know i have found. Lyrics: Andrius Kairys, grey is the sorrow, but just look straight for tomorrow. That's what this year's Lithuanian entry is all about. This year, she blew everyone away, romping home to victory with both the jury and televoters. And feel like one, c'est ma vie, je dis "oui no more rain around, i know i have found. Everlasting, love for life, love of geography of Brazil mine, love that shines. She became well-known to most Lithuanians following an appearance in a TV concert for classical singers, "Triumfo Arka".

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