true Causes of the Civil War

have any apprehension of maintaining ours now? The Northwest Ordinance, adopted in 1787, banned the practice in the Northwest Territories. If Charleston harbor needs improvement, let the commerce of Charleston bear the burden. Because the nature and products of regional economies can vary widely, high tariffs are sometimes good for one section of the country, but damaging to another section of the country. But to return to the question of the future. The South was filled with righteous indignation. What course will be pursued toward Fort Pickens, and the other forts on the gulf, is not so well understood. In the new constitution it is six years instead of four, and the President rendered ineligible for a re-election. This crisis had nothing to do with slavery. The Dred Scot decision, Kansas-Nebraska Act, and harsher Fugitive Slave Laws gave the South some redress. Although Georgia began to prosper during his first year the coalition fell apart as the Democrats reunited.

The increase of the tariff to a 20 average in 1816 was ostensibly to help pay for the War of 1812. Confederate General Robert. For a Northern Perspective on why the Civil president Jacksons Removal Act War was fought, see Causes of the Civil War The Civil War in Georgia Beginning with the Great Locomotive Chase and the battle of Chickamauga, to the Atlanta Campaign and the March to the Sea Article Links. Congress had increased the tariff rate on imported products to 40 ( known as the tariff of abominations in Southern States ). Gordon, reputed leader of this Ku Klux Klan, was elected governor of Georgia.