the Kobe Case: Somewhere there is a hero

and Robert Horry who never knew they werent supposed to be stealing the show from their more marketable counterparts. I would rather the wording didn't make any suggestion at all as to the significance that the case was settledthat would be npov. ) met 17 year old Vanessa Laine ( Again, where are the hyphens? Ben 2/16/06 6:24 pm ET Is there really a need to list every game winning shot as well? But even if the Royals put did put their claim on Robertson straight out of high school, it still all depends on what you mean be being "drafted". The trivia section is a paragraph long but you eliminate that? Length of the "2005-06: Season for the ages" section This section is much too long and needs to be trimmed. Rmvd text This text was removed during a vandalism rollback. And a lot of these records are never mentioned in Kobe Bryant's achievements.

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the Kobe Case: Somewhere there is a hero

Koberulz 14:46, 12 November 2006 (UTC) I suggest Gonsher is just a hater who is insecure that his own favorite players are overshadowed by Kobe. Kobe then took his shot at ONeal as soon as he could not a moment before. What an amazing performance ) hahaha, just playing, John Thompson said if Wilt played the Raptors of today and took as many shots as kobe, he would have 200 points. You need to tone down your writing and ease up on the scope of your changes. In reality, the truth probably lies in the middle, and Bryant most likely settled the suit on the advice of his attorneys, for the same reason that other people take settlements: regardless of actual culpability, there is uncertainty inherent in any legal proceeding, and it's. What if youre in Tokyo and you want to try Kobe beef right now at a reasonable price?

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Youngest player to do whatever (NBA All-Star, 10K pts, 15K pts). Moving from one machine to another as each successive IP treatments of ADHD is blocked by admins. The Kobe Port Tower stands in the beautiful. They are suspicious, but I don't know the subject well enough to know which version is correct. Very relevant, for instance, the youngest player to reach 15000 pts or the 2nd highest point total in a single game. Kobe knows this all too well. Stop being a bitch about it Xyljin 17:47, 5 December 2006 (UTC) Honestly?

Because Kobe may hold a large number of records, we need to limit the number we show here. Jermaine had the record for youngest to set foot in an NBA game, although I believe that's since been broken by Andrew Bynum.

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