what is Moral and What is Not in Seperate Peace

suffering could have negative value that warrants its avoidance. If your playing produced pain in listeners as well as in yourself, there would be nothing good about your playing. He might have pleaded with Gd, complained against Gd, held in repressed anger or disappointment, and so forth. Involuntary/ automatic force - mighty, eternal, uncontrollable force. Knowing this could not continue much longer, Zeus sent Hermes down to Hades to make him release Persephone. At the level of conscience (heart) you could proceed to the next level, the level of consciousness or spirituality and hence wisdom.

What is diagnostic radiology?, Euthanasia: Not Just a Moral Issue,

But no matter how complicated the situation may be, what determines what is prima facie morally right in that situation is never the consequences, while what determines what is right in a utilitarian sense is always the consequences. It is the measurement of change. My conclusion: A moral action is one that results in the maximization of both individual and collective happiness, freedom, and fulfillment without imposing unreasonable or unjustified costs upon third parties or the broader civilization. Law The law tells us what we are or are not allowed to do, and breaking the law often leads to punishment. To" Maimonides, "Just as He (Gd) is called kind, so you should be kind. However what about human emotions? From the consequences consequentialism, we infer moral rules deontological and we have the moral virtues also. We can also have personal goals that have (almost) nothing to do with morality. It is prima facie wrong to lie and there are no excuses to justify. Then our behavior has to be acceptable to all. It is provisional - best knowldege applied- and debatable like science.