the Theory of Ethics

behave as though instilled with a sense of ethics requires new specificity in our normative theories, especially regarding aspects customarily considered common-sense. This line of thinking reached its most extreme iteration in xinxue, a form of Neo-Confucianism associated with the Ming Dynasty and Wang Yangming. 45 Anarchist ethics edit Main article: Anarchism Anarchist ethics is an ethical theory based on the studies of anarchist thinkers. This focus on meta-ethics was in part caused by an intense linguistic focus in analytic philosophy and by the popularity of logical positivism. The goods that serve as criteria of morality are collective or public, in contrast, for instance, to individual happiness or well-being Anscombe,. Descriptive ethics offers a value-free approach to ethics, which defines it as a social science rather than a humanity. Epictetus said difficult problems in life should not be avoided, but rather embraced. The Metaphysics Research Lab. There was little to no concern with the future, the present dominating in the pursuit of immediate pleasure.

The Theory of Ethics
the Theory of Ethics

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Grown to tremendous proportions, there may be said to have evolved a 'corporate system'as there once was a feudal systemwhich has attracted to itself a combination of attributes and powers, and has attained a degree of prominence entitling it to be dealt with. Blackwell Philosophy Guides (1.). Peace of mind, or Apatheia, was of the events that Helped Modernize highest value ; self-mastery over one's desires and emotions leads to spiritual peace. De La Torre, Miguel., "Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins Orbis Books, 2004. Retrieved February 13, 2007., Butchvarov, Panayot. Our ordinary five senses are quite enough to observe it, though merely observing something beautiful is not by itself enough to appreciate its beauty. Epicurus ".presented a sustained argument that pleasure, correctly understood, will coincide with virtue." 21 He rejected the extremism of the Cyrenaics, believing some pleasures and indulgences to be detrimental to human beings.

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