abortion: A womans reproductive Freedom

am 49 years old now and in my young years of my 20?s I had done things I have regretted for many many years. . I feel sad now because I keep this secret in my heart but I dont know if my family would understand. So I went without them. We immediately bonded and had premarital sex and due to our carelessness I became pregnant again. After reading the stories they gave me the courage to speak about this I hope my story helps someone like the others have helped. My heart is still burdened with sorrow and i have yet to reach a place of peace in my mind. I would lie on my bed for most of the day and feel completely detached for my self. As I lay on the table all I could do was cry. As you have turned to Him in the past, ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart so that you may receive the grace to forgive yourself.

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I have watched my sisters child who overcame so many obstacles in her life grow into a perfectly healthy 13 year old young lady. A part of me died with my baby. My husband was sad, but more relieved when it happened. So if anyone has an unplanned pregnancy, knows they cant keep the baby and is struggling between abortion or adoption I hope my story will help. She was shorter than a telephone receiver and you could see blood running through her tiny veins. You may also contact me and we can chat via email. Many women are unjustly pressured or forced into unwanted abortions. I was 30 years old and married. . I pray that I will hold my baby again one day and I also pray that I will be forgiven. While these moments are so very difficult, it is good that you are facing what happened. I am just now admitting to myself that this has torn my life apart and literally destroyed. I tell myself that it wont happen again but I dont know if I will fail when and if I have the opportunity.

Whole Woman's Health.
Cole: Amicus Brief from Janice MacAvoy, Janie Schulman, and Over 110 Other Women in the Legal Profession Who Have Exercised Their Constitutional Right to an Abortion.
Holding: Two provisions in a Texas law requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and requiring abortion clinics in the state to have facilities comparable to an ambulatory surgical center place a substantial obstacle in the path of women.