ethnic autobiography

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Retrieved Bowden, Mark (1999). Garden of the brave in war. 250 251 Derived from the Anglo-Canadian jibe that their stereotypically bad dental hygiene was due to drinking Pepsi or Dr Pepper for breakfast. The word being used for Hispanic American footballers in Brazil.

Margaret Meads Autobiography,

181 K Kaffir, kaffer, kaffir, kafir, kaffre, kuffar (from Arabic kafir "infidel" 182 183 ). "The ape insult: a short history of a racist idea". The word being used by a fan as a synonym of foreigner in the Brazilian Championship. First used in the early 20th century, although some hypothesize the term originated in the late 19th century. The phrase "zips in the wire" from Platoon has also been used outside of this context. Also called a mouli. Pale Native: Memories of a Renegade Reporter. 225 note alternative original mildly derogatory meaning in the UK: "a novice; a foolish or naive person" 226 Nigger / Niger / nig / nigor / nigra / nigre (Caribbean) / nigar / niggur / nigga / niggah / niggar / nigguh / niggress.