school Funding and Privatization

Recommendation for FY2019, mDE Budget Request for FY2019. The Koch donor network also funds the Goldwater Institute, Arizonas anti-teache r SPN affiliate. Debbie Lesko. Poorly managed state companies are insulated from the same discipline as private companies, which could go bankrupt, have their management removed, or be taken over by competitors. No other strategies or programs or formulas are going to improve schools without sustained and stable funding. Our schools must spend to counter the effects of poverty while many European countries and Canada, for example, alleviate those conditions through other government spending.

The teachers strikes also represent a major pushback by public sector workers against the right-wing agenda of austerity and privatization. 8 Public education edit There is also some private sector involvement in the public education system including charter schools, Educational Management Organizations (EMOs and school voucher programs. As mentioned, this damaging agenda of tax cuts and public school defunding has been driven by powerful corporate forces and their far-right allies. More state lawmakers should pursue sustainable investments in education, says Prof. Pat McCrory, who was governor when the state legislature passed its huge tax cuts, and who appointed Art Pope as his budget director, worked at Duke Energy for twenty-eight years prior to entering politics. There are many proven ways to improve schools, such as reducing class sizes so that teachers can provide more one-on-one attention, offering a well-rounded curriculum, and increasing parental involvement. Thats how taxpayer funds should be spent. Correlates of Private and Intermunicipal Contracting. 33 A 2009 study published in The Lancet medical journal initially claimed to have found that as many as a million working men died as a result of economic shocks associated with mass privatization in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe during the. Private companies are also able to take greater risks and then seek bankruptcy protection against creditors if those risks turn sour. These corporate forces that have benefited from North Carolinas huge tax cuts have also created conditions for the state to become a laboratory for school privatization. As the teachers fight continues, it will be important to continue to identify and map out the key corporate players behind austerity and school privatization so as to better challenge their damaging agenda.

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