german Foreign Policy 1870 - 1914

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1890 Bismarck removed from office (fights with Wilhelm II over foreign policy) Bismarcks successors abandoned the difficult aspects of his subtle diplomatic balancing act and jettisoned his balance of tensions. One of Bismarck's worst decisions, pursuit of naval expansion, although Bismarck viewed Germany as a continental power, Wilhelm sought to strengthen the navy and make Germany a world power on par with Britain. The crisis can be seen as a reason for the Anglo-Russian Entente being signed the following year since both countries backed France. 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated visiting Sarajevo (nephew of Franz Joseph I, the Austrian emperor, heir to Habsburg throne) 1914 see map: Nations at War see map. Journal of Modern History 72 (1 5486. Germany at Home (1908) 275 pp; popular description of social life in villages and cities Vizetelly, Henry. They believed that the Germans meant to turn Agadir into a naval base on the Atlantic. 2004) excerpt and text search Clark, Christopher. A constitutional history of Germany in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1984). Britain, of course, feels threatened, and will not let this pass. Russia shifts focus to Balkans. Modern Germany; her political and economic problems, her foreign and domestic policy, her ambitions, and the causes of her success (1907) Berghahn, Volker Rolf.

German Foreign Policy 1870 - 1914
german Foreign Policy 1870 - 1914

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