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guilty, inept and incompetent. . I wanted their mind on what we were doing. Joe: Pulling into downtown Guthrie is like entering the set of Dead Wood. Joe: Out here, weve got a lot of these disposal wells and thats sort of what scientists are looking at, is how injecting millions of gallons of waste water into the earth Where does it go? The minutes tick by car after car after car. Blandly and said nothing more. In a significant move, the states oil and gas regulators recently ordered about 90 companies to prove their wells werent pumping waste fluid into granite rock. Courtney: Yeah. I cannot raise my voice, say it louder, hold her firmer, or in any way escalate my emotional response,. Now, its just something thats not going to stop. Speaker 12: When news breaks we are on it, your news and information source for Williston and the Bakken, the news keyz-AM 660.

It was shot by the McKenzie County Sheriffs department just after the explosion. Another factor has been the rollout of renewables has been subsidised by taxpayers in the past but these will stop under the "technology neutral" approach of the NEG. I'm Al Letson and you are listening to Reveal. So a child is learning by observation what causes mom or dad to react, and this reaction creates a sense of power in the child (as the one who causes the reaction). Al:  Thats Reveals Jennifer Gollan. You got Of what youve been through.

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If you can show relationships that cant be denied, then you can make some progress. Dont make it get worse. David: In San Francisco, were being very proactive. Michael: We met up in Oklahoma City and we didnt have to wait long for an earthquake to hit. He says to understand the amount of control the energy industry has in Oklahoma, you just have to look out of its Capitol office window. Dan Steward was one of the geologists who worked for Mitchell and these guys were trying to be the saviors of the American economy. Its also the epicenter for something else: Earthquakes. When he did that, it cost about half as much, but what we found out was the conventional wisdom was wrong. Jennifer: A company called Oasis Petroleum North America owns the site. I'm a reporter for StateImpact Oklahoma which is a statewide reporting outfit.

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