solar Powered Cars

), solar cars can absorb the rise and fall of solar energy by adapting their speed., in the first edition of the contest, twenty years ago, the average speed of the winner was 67 kilometres an hour (42 mph). A racing car on solar energy weighs just over 200 kilograms and consumes as much energy as a vacuum cleaner. If we want the car to survive in the longer term, it should become slower and lighter again, trimmed to the efficiency of solar panels and batteries. Twente One edit Twente One chassis of Twente One Driving wheel of Twente One The Twente One is the second solar car developed by the University of Twente and Saxion University (at Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn ) in 2007, and succeeds the SolUTra. The problem of the night could be bypassed by recharging electricity in a fuel station. PowerCore SunCruiser edit The "PowerCore SunCruiser" The "PowerCore SunCruiser" with 3 seats was built in 2013 by "Hochschule Bochum". These models steer the eco-technology in the wrong direction. 8 This record was admitted by Guinness World Records.

Solar, powered, cars - The first solar cars made their
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Solar Powered Cars
solar Powered Cars

SolarWorld GT edit The 2-seater "SolarWorld GT" was built 2011 by "Hochschule Bochum" with 2 wheel hub electric engines in the front wheels. 23 Superpiki edit The project "Yuneec Metron" convert a Smart Roadster to an electric car with 80 Wp solar panel in 2011. Kris despiration in The Crucible by Arthur Miller De Decker (edited by Vincent Grosjean) ( nl ) Related. Tafe South Australia for the 2011, world Solar Challenge. Car is equipped with 4 wheel hub electric engines. Range with fully charged accumulator is 50 kilometers. P-Mob edit With an EU - project led by Fiat (May 2010 - April 2013) a complete solar car with 3 seats was developed.

South African, solar, challenge is an epic, bi-annual, two-week race of solar - powered cars through the length and breadth of South Africa.
Solar, powered, cars to Compete in Harrowing Race Across the Australian Outback.
Solar, powered, cars Planes Save Money and the Environment with Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

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