the Hidden Challenge

attitudes, say, about the importance of time or relationships. CMO: If your marketing teams will need more help working together, the CMO may have to step in to lead your attribution efforts. It may require more time, relationship building, and information than expected. If youre accustomed to deal making in the United States, you know that extra players beyond those representing the two companies may influence the deal: the SEC, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Justice Department, among others. In any negotiation, you are always interacting with individuals, but your real purpose is to influence a larger organizationrepresenting a diverse set of intereststo produce a meaningful yes. For example, when one Italian industrial products firm wished to acquire a large division of a French conglomerate, it first made friendly overtures to the target unit. In many other cultures, an agreement is merely a starting point in what is expected to be an evolving relationship; renegotiation may occur as warranted under the assumption that all contingencies cannot possibly be foreseen. As frustrating as the need for consensus may be to those from fast-moving cultures, there can be offsetting advantages. Halls Silent Language, relationships, is the culture deal-focused or relationship-focused?

The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations - Article The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations Request PDF

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Is adherence to an agreement expected or contingent? But the rules are so complex and detailed that its difficult to keep them straight, and the likelihood of regional variation further complicates matters. To solve these cross-functional challenges, you need a leader who has the authority to make decisions that impact the Road from Coorain By Jill Kerr Conway your entire marketing organization. Indeed, some compare culture to an iceberg: The danger of collision is not so much with the part you see but with whats below. Who are the players? But not in this setting. Sahlman and Burton.

The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations. Harvard Business Review 80,. 3 (March 2002 7685. Cultural differences can influence business negotiations in unexpected ways, as many a hapless deal maker has learned.