ancient war ships and Ancient merchant ships

a large burial mound at the Gokstad farm in Sandar, Vestfold in 1880. . During late antiquity, ramming fell out of use and the galley tactics against other ships used during the Middle Ages until the late 16th century focused on boarding. Commerce raider, any armed vesselprivately or government-ownedsanctioned to raid a nation's merchant fleet.

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The destroyer is generally regarded as the dominant surface-combat vessel of most modern blue-water navies. Aircraft carrier, a warship primarily armed with carrier-based aircraft. This vessel was used during the reign of Pharaoh Sahure over 4,400 years ago. . World War II was the only war in history in which battles occurred between groups of carriers. Another key differentiation between older and modern vessels is that all modern warships are "soft without the thick armor and bulging anti-torpedo protection of World War II and older designs. It is fairly certain that ancient pilots did not rely on any written documents such as the known Periploi and Stadiasmoi, because they do not provide sufficient information for a pilot (these documents were probably compiled by merchants and other people sailing on ships).

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