nervous System essay

muscular coordination, and emotions. The sympathetic system creates goose bumps by contracting the skin. The parasympathetic system controls involuntary functions such as secretion and digestion. What is your topic? Neurons live both in and outside the central nervous system. The olfactory nerves control the sense of smell.

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The neuron is negatively charged and it bathes in fluids that contain positively charged potassium and sodium ions. When nerve impulse jumps from one node (gaps in nerve fibers) to the next, it is called saltatory conduction. Each of the 5 pair of sacral nerves and the 1 pair of coccygeal nerves leave the spinal cord between the lowest vertebrae in the spinal cord. The spinal cord processes sensory information, like temperature, to the brain. The trigeminal nerves transmit information from the head and face and controls mouth movements. In small nerves, the rate it transmits impulses is from a half to two meters a second. The root of the nerve that leaves the cord toward the from to fight body is called the ventral root or anterior root.