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and still failing. You can't really comprehend. What if the most hellish thing about being an American soldier in the Vietnam War was that it wasn't always completely hellish? You want to read something that speaks to you. Tim O'Brien lost some beloved people both before and during the war, and now he's trying to remember them with such clarity that they're resurrected. Or maybe you just feel alienated by the subject matter.

Why People Believe Weird Things
Chinua Achebes Novel Things Fall Apart

Even if you've never seen anyone die (or killed anyone you should know what that's like. Though its odd, youre never more alive than when youre almost dead. There is a kind of largeness to it, a kind of godliness. The Vietnam War: It's a tough pill to swallow. He's well-known as pretty much the writer who tackles the Vietnam War from an American soldier's perspective: If you Google "Vietnam War books O'Brien probably pops up first. You know that all we are saying is "Give Peace a Chance." You've asked the question "War? You recognize whats valuable. Cite This Source, maybe you feel like you've had it with the Vietnam War.

Turn to the title page. Although she writes to him and he carries her letters, rereading them each night, it is clear that his passion for her is not reciprocated. In the midst of evil you want to be a good man.