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we attended regularly. Owe my life, owe my life. The Iron Curtain had just fallen, opening new doors of opportunity to reaching youth of the former East Bloc for Christ. August 26th during Kids Church, use Your Head Day.

In the words of Sarah, Life of Booker T. Washington, The Life of Nora,

At that time Alex stepped into the Regional Directorship of Word of Life ministries for Europe and Eurasia. We have hope that this earthly life isnt all that we have to live for. Our vision doesn't stop here! I want to end this post with a how Dialysis Being Performed scripture promise for us and a song that I woke up singing this morning which captures how I am feeling right now. My parents and grandparents were faithful believers.

I eventually served as director.
Word of, life, hungary until 2013, when God called us to step into the regional directorship.
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