a world of intoxification

Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Mg/dL: Marked ataxia, slurred speech, poor judgement, labile mood, nausea and vomiting 300399 mg/dL: Stage 1 anaesthesia blackout memory lapse, labile mood 400 mg/dL: Respiratory failure, coma As drinking increases, people become sleepy, or fall into a stupor. Andrew dalton, The Seattle Times, "Heather Locklear arrested for alleged attack on deputy, EMT Locklear kicked one of the deputies then kicked a paramedic who was called to evaluate her because of her intoxication, Kuredjian said. "Post-Modern Muslim Legality and its Consequences". In: Pittman, David. In the United States, it is a criminal offense for a person to be drunk while driving a motorized vehicle, except in Wisconsin, where it is only a fine for the first offense.

A world of intoxification
a world of intoxification

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