the Importance of Good Academic Habits

and weaknesses about the processes of learning from a number of different factors which affect the way we learn. Literature reviews are secondary sources, and as such, do not report any new or original experimental work. He can observe certain habits during the schools hours, interview, his parents and teacher will provide additional information. He thus has been able to distinguish among abstract-sequential, abstract-random, and concrete-random learners. Some will exploit this opportunity and subsequently get poor marks in school. Rural male and urban male adolescents have been found significantly different on Ideal-Self dimension. The mean difference favors the urban male adolescents which clearly indicate that urban male adolescents have high Academic Achievement compared to rural male adolescents. Parents can sit down with their child and map out a schedule, making sure to set a realistic timetable that takes into account their childs entertainment needs as well as his study time. Prayer and receiving the Sacraments regularly are habits that are an essential part of a young persons total formation and these will most certainly hold a central, vital role in the growth and daily perspective on life that develops over time. .

Thus the Tool is very important to assess the preferred styles of students learning and thinking. Thereby children with low self-concept are less successful (Mann, Hosman, Schaalma, and De Vries, 2004). So the balanced good nutrition will enhance the life of a person. Information about student learning styles provides a great deal of knowledge about how styles can assist educators in maximizing students' potential for success and assist the student in developing additional learning strengths.

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A modern society cannot achieve its aim of economic growth, technical development and cultural advancement without harnessing the talents of its citizens. The mean difference favors the male adolescents which clearly indicate that male adolescents have high Academic Achievement as compared to female adolescents. The mean difference favors the urban female adolescents, which clearly indicates that urban female adolescents have better budgeting time, physical conditions, reading ability, note taking, learning motivation, memory, taking examination and health as compared to rural female adolescents. For example, in Book II of his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle explains the requirements of virtue and the methods by which we develop virtue, mainly through the process of habituation, and especially through the development of an individuals powers of discernment. Creating time for prayer and the sacraments requires self-discipline. . All types of habits are particularly influential in ones life because with time they become natural to an individual, that is, they are often followed without a mental conners A Good Msn is Hard to Find decision to. . Teachers in schools should become facilitators of learning. Once children reach the grades where home work and tests are part of the curriculum, there are many things parents can do to encourage good study habits. There are plenty of these videos being posted for free viewing on the internet.

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