martin Luther King Jr. and Laurie Pritchett

and that some negroes have been walking down a dream street talking. By December 1961 more than 500 protesters were jailed, and negotiations with city officials began. Augustine, Florida, in 1964, but it failed to win meaningful concessions for local blacks. King majored in sociology, and by the end of his college career, he was contemplating personal Narrative either a career in law or in ministry. New York: Vintage Books, 1988. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and chaired the State Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress committee on the. In 1965-66 the sclc launched its first northern campaign in Chicago. After his release, Abernathy joked, Ive been thrown out of lots of places in my day, but never before have I been thrown out of jail (Lewis, 159). As he stood waiting, King was shot. At the meeting black leaders agreed on a one-day boycott. He committed adultery, a fact that the FBI threatened to use against him and that King feared would make its way into the papers. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1988.

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The result was that King. Desegregation and Voting Rights, The years between 19 represented the high point of King's career. 5, the Montgomery Improvement Association, the organization leading the boycott, elected King as its president. He broadened his activism to include all poor Americans, seeing the achievement of economic justice as a way to overcome the sort of segregation that existed in cities like Chicago but also as a basic human right. They returned for the rest of the week, kicking off a lunch-counter boycott that spread across the South. He kept his police force tightly controlled, and the Albany protesters were having trouble making any headway. Martin Luther King's Childhood, king was born on Jan. Our protest was so vague that we got nothing, and the people were left very depressed and in despair (Martin Luther King: A Candid Conversation).

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martin Luther King Jr. and Laurie Pritchett

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