the Causes and Effects of Hunger

causes of hunger is povertylack of purchasing power and access to resources. World Hunger Essay.people are still dying of hunger. In this essay, I would like to treat this problem wider because when people are dying of hunger it is too late to help them. Hunger hinders our ability to focus and study. AND, e ffect, oF, h unger, by Ellen Messer, Marc.

The main reason for famine is the wrong distribution of goods in the world. Unfortunately, back then the governments and politicians thought that the buildup of Armed Forces or alliances would keep the peace by acting as a warning to any nation thinking of attacking them, but nowadays we know different. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of hungry people rose from 94 million in 1970 to 175 million in 1990. The persistence of hunger in a world of plenty is the most profound moral contradiction of our age. The Geography of Hunger, the number of undernourished people in developing countries fell from 942 million in 1970 to 786 million in 1990 and from 36 percent to 20 percent of the population (Figure 1). Many people eat the same food everyday and lack access to these nutrients. Economic Conditions Cause World Hunger One of the main causes of hunger is poverty. If a child experiences significant malnourishment, hunger and stress during that time frame, its likely their brain will be permanently damaged.

The effects of hunger, excesses or imbalance in a persons intake of nutrition and stress on brain developed are not only harmful but can be undone. Hunger leads to stress the brain out which can cause damaging brain, low IQ levels and in decision makings. Ending world hunger requires an understanding of the causes and effects. Agricultural practices such as deforestation, over-grazing and over cropping combined with drought and the effects of soil erosion can often destroy farm and grazing land.