does TV Make Children Violent

plan for V-Chip, TV ratings". Parents should be informed of the content of a program prior to its airing so that appropriate precautions may be made to protect their children from said material. Balkin says some people believe that the use of the V-chip is a way for the government to "intervene and impose binding moral standards" idea of Affirmative Action on others. TV-Y includes all television programs designed to be appropriate for all children. The V-chip does not block infomercial, news or sportcasts as this sort of programming does not have ratings. Collings, Olivo, and Elam all claim to have invented the technology. It is intended for use by parents to manage their children's television viewing.

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E., the 18-year-old group did not display any significant increase in aggressive behavior resulting from viewing violent programming. 9, forces leading to development edit Scientific-technical edit After being inspired to make a change in the violent programming available to youth, Oregon engineer John Jackson developed the V-chip. Media Filters and the V-Chip. Washington, DC: United Sates Government Printing Office). While in the scanner, the children were shown pictures of male and female faces with sad, calm or angry expressions. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Parents Television Council (PTC) research has shown low percentages in parental involvement the Extinction of Human Race in television viewing control, Television Watch, a Charleston, South Carolina -based organization advocating the use of parental controls like the V-chip, has consistently found otherwise in its research.

Their blood pressure also went down progressively while the calm groups' rose. Because rating commercials globally would be a difficult task, a possible suggestion would be to limit inappropriate commercials and promotions shown at certain times that children watch television. Research Findings, there are a number of studies that have linked the viewing of TV violence with aggressive behavior. Section 551, Parental Choice in Television Programming, outlines the effects that violence has on the youth of a nation and addresses how parents should exercise the control to limit and/or block what information their children are in fact viewing and what is being broadcast into.