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hours carefully explaining our policies only to open the paper the next morning and see instead a smear about my sex-life, alleged personality defects or some completely fabricated account of a meeting or a split that evil Within Lord of the Flies never actually happened." Ken Livingstone, 1987.

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"There is nothing that happens to you at any stage in your life that can prepare you for the British Press in full hue and cry. Livingstone gave a speech from Singapore denouncing the attackers as terrorists, before immediately returning to London. A car rental company's "Red Ken's Tax Paid" car sticker: a negative comment on the congestion charge In 2002, Livingstone came out in support of a proposal for the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London. The GLC then proclaimed 1984 to be "Anti-Racism Year". He had a gut feeling; he was always opposed to exploitation and inequalities in a big way. London 2012 by numbers, the Olympic Games are one of the biggest and most complex events in the world, as highlighted by some of these mind-boggling facts and figures: 26 sports, featuring 39 disciplines, were contested during the Games across 34 venues. 146 The GLC was formally abolished at midnight on, with Livingstone marking the occasion by holding a free concert at Festival Hall. Lambeth Housing Committee: "It was intoxicating to be at what seemed at the time the centre of events. The official report published by the locog consists of a single set of two commemorative books published by Wiley (The official commemorative book; The Games, Britains Olympic and Paralympic Journey a Theme of The Good Earth to London 2012 ) and a DVD, London 2012, olympic Games: official report. In November 2006, Livingstone travelled to Latin America to visit Chvez, during which he and his entourage stayed in Cuba at a cost of 29,000; many British sources condemned the visit as a waste of tax-payer's money.

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