the Sherman Antitrust Act

Association's restriction of television of games, to encourage live attendance, was restricting supply, and therefore unlawful. 1990) necessity of barriers to entry Lorain Journal. Nashville Coal., 365.S. 15 This reflects the view that if the enterprise (as an economic entity) has not acquired a monopoly position, or has significant market power, then no harm is done. Microsoft Corp., 1995 WL 505998 (D.D.C. cert, denied, 355.S. It unduly restrained the freedom of businesses and was per se illegal.

172 (1996) Price discrimination edit Main articles: RobinsonPatman Act and Price discrimination RobinsonPatman Act Clayton Act 1914 2 (15 USC 13) FTC. External links edit, retrieved from " ". National Organizationfor Women, Inc. Indian Head, Inc., 486.S. 447 (1986) Tacit collusion and oligopoly edit Main articles: Oligopoly and Tacit collusion Matsushita Electric Industrial., Ltd. The Sherman Antitrust Act was a result of intense public opposition to large monopolies. 597 (1966) 5 to 4, the FTC was entitled to get an injunction to prevent the completion of a merger, between milk selling competitors in the Chicago area, before its competitive effects are determined by a court Robertson.