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as fuel at double the rate at which forests are growing, which spells very bad news for those forests. Through these mixed techniques, estimates suggest that our planet has lost roughly three percent of its forests between 19The loss of tropical rainforests is concerning because rainforests are home to countless species and store vast amounts of carbon that will accelerate climate change if burnt. A paper published in Science Magazine in 2015, reported that the Soy Moratorium had worked to slow down Brazilian deforestation, using a mix of empirical data and on-the-ground interviews with farmers. Limit your consumption of fast food meat and always choose to buy locally. Other Land Uses Mining and Industrial Projects Building Dams In India and South America, rainforests have been destroyed by the building of hydro- electric dams It was the dominant view that new dams had to be built or otherwise these countries would suffer. Purchase renewable energy, such as solar, geothermal and wind energy to help stop deforestation Whats better than one person fighting deforestation?

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Corruption fuels illegal logging and unsustainable forest management, which in turn can fuel organized crime or even armed conflict. That means holding their suppliers accountable for producing commodities like timber, beef, soy, palm taxing the Colonists oil and paper in a way that does not fuel deforestation and has a minimal impact on our climate. Governments The cutting down of trees must be countered by replacing old ones that were cut with young ones. Knowing where your food comes from helps to combat deforestation Go paperless Be conscious of your food choices. Rainforests are often referred to as the lungs of our planet, and for good reason; they play a critical role in regulating global carbon dioxide levels and limiting climate change. This provides a strong incentive for developing countries to continually improve their forest protection programs. Other land uses Countries resort to deforestation to cope with the increasing demand for housing brought about by the growing population Logging, or simply cutting down trees for timbre is one of the main causes of deforestation. Logging Many commercial logging companies fell down trees in a process known as selective logging, where only the most valuable trees are felled Over the years, the uses of wood moved from wood fuel to construction materials such as shelters and furniture . Take Action for a Deforestation-Free Future If youre ready to join the movement for a deforestation-free future, heres how you can start: Make sure that the forest-derived products you buy are made from 100 percent post-consumer content materials. Clearing land to build housing.

Soil erosion: tree roots keep the soil beneath them in place. Donate to reforestation projects: pump money in to the projects on the front line that are working to stop deforestation, and to actually reverse it by growing new forests. Current Situation in Brazil h"p:m/watch? Companies can make an impact by introducing zero deforestation policies that clean up their supply chains. Figure 10-15 9 Why Should We Care about the Loss of Tropical Forests?

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