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a reality every day. Trend Adjustment (TA) -Uses your actual yield history and then calculates the impact of new technologies and genetics on your production. Some other options that are available which can be added to the Multi-Peril Crop Policy would be: Yield Adjustment (YA) -May elect to substitute 60 of the applicable county T-yield for the actual yields that are less than 60 of the applicable T-yield to mitigate. Of CropProphet Crop Production and Yield Forecast System. If the CB Harvest price.50/bu then it will take more additonal bushels of corn to have reached a value of 446.25.

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With Revenue Protection, the farmer is actually insuring the dollar value of the crop and not the number of harvested bushels. Plant Introductions, the Research group continues a long history of improving crops through breeding and selection. The name Multi-Peril speaks to the kind of coverage that is provided. The CB harvest price is exactly the same as the projected CB price when the policy was purchased. Revenue protection (RP)multi-peril crop insurance FOR procduction AND market change. Farmer chooses 70 coverage level; equals 105 Bushel/acre guarantee. APH for 10 years of history equals 150 bushel. Plant Exploration and Plant Trials, our team interacts with horticulturist from all over the world to find, obtain and trial 500 to 1000 new plants each year. The Agency sets the rates and establishes the levels of coverages for any crops which have an insurance program. Our eyes on America team of researchers and growers adhere to the highest standards and achieve horticultural feats every day. Backtest Your Ideas, develop quantitative strategies with a 15-year history of of daily CropProphet forecasts.