the Value Of Art

interpretation. I think that the most obvious similarity is that dedicated artists tend to create art that reflects important aspects of their lives. For the most part, value even in the marketplace is a function of the direct mission of a works intrinsic value by competing players who want to control that work. We know that art has been around before written language. Honestly, I really dont think that art has an enduring value. I feel that I must function like a small business, where I, as the owner, pay myself last. The Power of Now: Adrian Pipers Indexical Present.

The Simpsons : In, mom and Pop Art, a treasure of an episode from 1999, Homer is discovered as an outsider artist after a home improvement mishap. As the value of Homers work rises and falls on Springfields art market, Marge becomes increasingly disappointed that no one seems to appreciate the worth of her representational paintings. Do ordinary - even repulsive ordinary - things become art just because they are placed in a building with the words art museum plastered on its face? A question that provoked writers and readers alike to discuss the Great Recession, its affect on artists and institutions, and larger philosophical issues about the deeply complicated relationship between art and money, andthe value of art in our individual lives. It is entirely subjective and open to, literally, billions of interpretations. A piece of art is divine to one man and ridiculous to the next. Aluminum framework, (31) 13 televisions, (3) 25 televisions, (3) laser disk players.