essay on How Mystery and Suspense Created

paused at the door. The rest of the story is spent explaining the events that lead up to the patient coming into the office with his thumb cut off. He chose to stay due to money, which superceded his initial fears. And yet does not explain why he would be looking at said person in dread, this answers questions but creates more, and this keeps the reader engaged and the atmosphere constant. All of these words used keep in with the Gothic genre that characters are described negatively and the descriptions of objects are negative. The mysterious atmosphere is absent for a while, while they talk about his job and related topics, but the atmosphere returns when the Signalman admits to being hawthornes Presentation of the Puritan troubled.

What is so interesting about his story is that at the end, good becomes evil and evil becomes good. In other words, Doyle starts the story abruptly where the patient comes. At the end of the story, Doyle fuses both together and forms a viable conclusion. Another aspect that produces suspense is not only the wealth of the people involved, but also the great value of the coronet. How does Stevenson create mystery and suspense throughout Jekyll and Hyde Stevenson uses many great sentences to try and describe what happens throughout the book. In my opinion this ending is fantastic as we discover that the ghost where not just ghosts, but images of the Signalmans own death. The mood of the scene shifts in response to the change in music. The story is about a man who visits the railway line and meets a signalman who behaves weirdly and sees things that no one else can see. There I talked to the mother, Michelle, and investigated the place where she was taken. It is obvious to the reader that something has happened. They were in the passage outside the room.

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