the College of Business Servers

then see a selection dialog similar to the following based on the class you are enrolled. Access the Virtual File Server here. Try clearing your Temporary Internet Files and Cookies. Choose the "K drive" icon from the navigation at the top or left of the page. Mac OSX users, open the downloaded disk image.

the College of Business Servers

Select your USB device from the list). We suggest you change the display to Window if you plan to switch back to your home/local machine. Virtual File Server allows you to easily access and manage your documents between home and the labs. Our Career Student Success Center has close connections and partners with many leading companies for internships and full-time employment. The instructions to do this will vary according to the web browser you are using, refer to the documentation for the browser you are using to clear your browser cache.

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EID, Email, Canvas, and E-Lab, computer Lab, fall/Spring Computer Lab Hours. The Lab Desktop machines are not persistent. Double-click the social Welfare Reform Policy icon and the View Client will then open in a new window to the virtual machine. When prompted to enter a connection server, enter. Error dialogue states file does not exist. Your career, ohio University's College of Business has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the countrys top business schoolsand for being a birthplace for business leaders. Make sure your USB device is plugged. Eject the disk image from Finder. And when they are looking for young, talented professionals, ready to make an impact in the business world, youre likely to see representatives around campus from companies like. Friday:.m.-4.m. When finished with your session, simply close the View Client window and it will disconnect you from the desktop.

Please use the following information to get access to the technology that's available to you. This system also gives the ability to easily access your class files off of the "K Drive." The. Setup Instructions, to run the client simply double-click the VMware View Client desktop icon.

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