differences of Authors Techniques in Writing

to descriptive writing, writer tells the story in narrative writing. There are people for whom mood and atmosphere are like the proverbial chicken and egg with atmosphere creating the mood for some while the majority of readers feel that it is the mood that creates the atmosphere. However, in descriptive one, you can write long paragraphs. When you read a piece of writing, you often decipher certain aspects or elements that tell you a lot about the mind of the writer and the ambience he is trying to create. Authors generally use sequence signal words to make a reader understand the story. I believe that the meaning of writing is a subset of the meaning of authoring, similarly to the way that writer is a subset of author (noun). They are famous for their literary works and novels. Work on, they work on papers associated to stories, magazines, novels, articles, etc.

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Likewise, these authors are also called as senior authors, main authors, etc. Use of directional signal words assist readers to create the images in their mind. This technique is used to jump through on any event any time. There are also many who feel that atmosphere is the emotions and feelings created in the mind of the reader as a result of the events inside the story. A corresponding author is one among the several authors who works on a paper or a report, which has been submitted to a journal or a periodical for review and publication.

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