prevention Of Mental Retardation

in their children! Provide parent education and support. The verbal IQ scores were very different between the two groups of otherwise matched peers: The abused children had an average total IQ score of 88, whereas the average overall IQ of their nonabused peers was 101; and the more abuse, the lower the. Have quick and easy access to health care.

Many strategies can be undertaken to reduce mistakes in the identification process, including pre-referral intervention, appropriate and meaningful curricula, and instruction anchored in culturally relevant examples. Because of the devastating effects of PKU, it is critical that the diet of these individuals be strictly controlled. By eating citrus fruits and dark, leafy vegetables (or taking vitamin supplements one receives the benefits of folic acida trace B vitamin that contributes to the prevention of conditions such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

Genetics and heredity include conditions such as fragile X syndrome and Down syndrome, as well as phenylketonuria (PKU). It is known that it is important for as many unborn babies as possible to reach full-term and that good prenatal care is an important part of making that happen. Think of the difference yet to be made if all potential moms ate well and planned ahead! But it takes action for solutions actually to prevent or reduce the impact of the condition. They include birth injuries due to oxygen deprivation (anoxia or asphyxia umbilical cord accidents, obstetrical trauma, and head trauma. Babies with moderately low birth weight represent 5 to 7 percent of all births, but they represent 18 to 37 percent of children with cerebral palsy and 7 to 12 percent of children with cerebral palsy who also have mental retardation. Overcoming Challenges Although some conditions or causes of mental retardation cannot be prevented.