plato: Justice vs. Injustice

only ones who recognize and find pleasure in what is behind the multiplicity of appearances, namely the single Form (476a-b). . Platos Defense of Justice in the Republic ). . The tyrannical person is mad with lust (573c) and this leads him to seek any means by which to satisfy his desires and to resist anyone who gets in his way (573d-574d). . No one would choose to have ones tooth drilled by a dentist for its own sake, but rather for the sake of having healthy teeth.

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There are also some strong elements of communism such as the idea that the guardian class ought to possess things in common. . With regard to their preparation, guardians will undergo intense physical training as well as philosophical and musical training, and other subjects that enrich their soul and create an internal harmony between the mind, and the body. All moral conceptions revolve about the good of the whole-individual as well as social. This third approach may save Socrates defense of justice only for people capable of knowing the forms, but falls short of showing that everyone has a reason to be just. Oligarchy arises out of timocracy and it emphasizes wealth rather than honor (550c-e). . City and Soul in Platos Republic.). Platos Republic: Critical Essays (New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 1997).

Thus, the individual is a miniature state, and justice in the soul is like justice in the state. Thus, Plato presents Socrates defending psychic health rather than justice. If all the parts are to work together as a whole, each must have on function to excel.

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