portrayal of Women in Music Videos

appearance but watching the Evolution ad reversed this effect. One example of this is Doves Self Esteem. Representations are also made in order to increase the fame of an artist and so in most cases, especially with women, the artist herself can be portrayed in a certain way. Be the first to like this. The main stereotypes of women made within music videos are: The Gangsta hoe; Strong and independent; The object of desire; Manipulative; The Stripper. As it stands now, the portrayal of women in music videos is degrading. . There are many cross-cuts throughout the video which indicate the importance of women all over the world.

portrayal of Women in Music Videos

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By Honor Wilson. The Stripper tends to have much more negative connotations due to the over-sexualisation of the women featured. But to be fair, Lil Jon is not an isolated case, there are many examples in the music industry that fit this profile. The video features many close-ups of the mans face this shows the emotion, confusion and anger of the situation he is in, whereas the woman just seems to be angry. Todays youngsters have music and videos constantly available gender inequalities in school to them through many devices and platforms.

Representation is a construction of an idea of reality presented within the.
Women are objectified in music videos, especially in hip hop and rap; from sexy dressing.
It s the perfect portrayal of women as sex objects.
Together with the songs melody and lyrics, music videos are powerful tools that tattoo human minds with images that shape a person s attitude.
The portrayal of women in hip hop videos can influence people s ideas about.

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