how Has Technology Changes The News Media

content and context a distant second? But the very technology that has given us cool tools has had significant side-effects. We use services such as Coveritlive to do press conferences via cyberspace there is no longer even a need to go to the conference itself. My bosses know that the actual newscasts are very important, of course, but in the age where information can be disseminated quickly, there's no better tool to do it almost instantly than Twitter, Facebook, or our website, says. In fact, freelance rates havent really changed in thirty years. When it happens at.m. Facebook and Twitter have become heavily ingrained in the process. The effect on collective action and power. Our transition to Periscope and Ustream shows how news is not relevant to an audience at.m.

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"Content should be spread far and wide, and you must pull in an e-audience through mobile platforms. Theres a demand for added colour on Twitterimmediately, of course. Videotape no longer requires lighting or sound technicians. The press has come a long way from the first live press conferences of JFK in 1961 to CNN becoming the first 24-hours news station in 1980. Anything that requires digging of any type is very difficult when staffing is so low. Consequently, the creator no longer owns the item after its sold so theres simply less incentive to do this work. Only Tier One stories are done: the obvious stuff, the event, the major news conference, the disaster. Many choose to buy Wi-Fi packages and not cable. Thomson Reuters does its business headlines from Bangalore, and in a twist on our perceptions of ourselves, Thomson Reuters offshores some work to Toronto. I used to be teased by friends from other stations on how relentless I am at tweeting and FB'ing. The growth in online departments hasnt made up religions of Japan for the huge losses of more traditional work.