don Quixote Madman or Idealist

a plaintive speech both. He has an oar in every man's boat, and a finger in every pie. Quixote, anguished at the apparent suffering of his friend, relents and urges him to call off the operation. By a small sample we may judge of the whole piece. His knight's stance his constancy, courage, wisdom, etc. Pero no por esto dejaba Don Quijote sus tristezas.

Cervantes, whose Lepantine pride has been certainly wounded by the plagiarist and who may very well indeed have shed that tear for this and other reasons, after looking back over his work, could himself have found some of his funniest scenes become sublime. Something is bothering him, it seems, because something is bothering the author. But since the fever has been brought about and stayed by melancholy, with some logic we can insist that he dies of sadness and melancholy, as suggested by his doctor and friends.

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The Story of Wimbledon

Let the worst come to the worst. As Alonso Quixano he still dies; a america the greedy death, one can conclude at this point, to be incongruous. He has blamed his defeat on misjudging Rocinante's strength, and up to the moment they climb the hill full of hopes and expectations he is still searching for his Dulcinea. There is no love lost between. No man is born wise.