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and milk in saucepan. In Dorf, Richard. Cotgrave, as early as 1611, describes 'petit chou' as 'puffe-cake, or loafe, made of butter, cheese, fine meal, and yolks of egges.' He tells us that there are two kinds, 'one round, and plumpe like an apple; the other also round, but much flatter'.in 1706. There be some that to this paste use sugar, but it is certain it will hinder the rising thereof; and therefore when your puffed paste is baked, you shall dissolved sugar into rose-water, and drop it into the paste as much as it will. "The sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas, and the white potato, Solanum tuberosum, both plants from the New World were not remotely related, yet their identities were hopelessly entangled in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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Modern chilled pineapples as commodities versions coincide with the introduction of "icebox" (aka refrigerator) desserts. One cupful of sugar, half a cupful of water, one table-spoonful of corn-starch, one teaspoonful of butter, the yolks of four eggs, the juice and rind of two lemons. Cook over boiling water until very thick. More recently the American Medical Association called on Boston for advice on how to create a low calorie pie." -"Recipes of the Week: Apple, Pumpkin Pies are Favorite Treat All Year Patricia McCune, Pasadena Independent CA December 19, 1968 (p. It is menitoned in stories of the Thousand and One me belive that the somewhat similar Arabic luqmat el qadi (meaning the judge's mouthful) may be the original version of this confection, dating back to early medieval times; there is a recipe in al-Baghdadi's cookery.