the Honor in the Ilad

Android Smartphones, honor 3C Design, after all that praise, were going to get back down to earth with one of the Honor 3Cs weaker areas: design. Its sharp, bright and fairly colour-accurate.

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While we imagine few UK/US Honor 3C buyers will actually use this feature, its handy and is useful if you might want to use the phone abroad or as a work device. So, what are you going to do? This subtler style is much better. The Honor 3C has 8GB of storage, which is fairly generous for a phone around the 100 mark, but youll obviously need to invest in a memory card to store more than a few videos or music tracks. In short: this is perhaps the best 5-inch screen youll find at 109, coming in slightly under the Moto G, which offers similar display quality. If the 3C proves popular, and by all rights it should, these may make their way to some UK retailers. Honor 9 Lite, mali-T830 MP2, Kirin 659. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which is still widely on sale, look cheaper thanks to their smaller screens and chunkier bodies. Heres a closer look: We cant complain about this too much, though, as in the past weve said that Huawei makes its phones look worse with great big, bright softkey icons. It may be arriving right at the tail end of 2014, despite launching elsewhere a year ago, but we have a lot of time for the Honor 3C and its aims.

The Honor in the Ilad
the Honor in the Ilad