a Comparison of the Film Primary Colors and Godfather

better. 9 At the Cannes Festival, Thompson said she did not base her performance on Hillary Clinton, while Travolta said he based his on several presidents, but mostly on Bill Clinton. A b "Primary Colors". I'm not comparing the players. The Los Angeles Times.

Primary Colors: fiction takes second place to fact Film The Guardian
Primary Colors Changed the Way We Talk (and Joke) About Politics

Realizing the campaign is falling behind in the polls, Stanton's team adopt a new strategy. Faye Fiore (March 2, 1998).

Contents, jack Stanton edit, i'm gonna do something really outrageous: I'm gonna tell the truth. I don't like the game. The campaign holds a meeting about finding the dirt in Stanton's background before their opponent can Susan Stanton : What's the crisis? The film's single best and most serious scene, arriving in its abruptly melodramatic third act, finds Libby desperately begging the Stantons to assess their campaign ethics. Fred Picker : Well, you did. Henry discovers that the tapes have been doctored, so Libby tracks down the man responsible for the tapes and forces him at gunpoint to confess his guilt in a signed letter to the American public. Kathy Bates's Libby Holden is a showstopper, the movie's most heartfelt character and the one who most stirringly articulates its frustrations about the candidate. Libby Holden edit, from now on you can call me the Dust Buster I'm stronger than dirt!

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