spanking: An Option of Discipline

for aggressive behavior and works well for children and teens of all ages. Communicating does not mean shouting or nagging, but talking politely and calmly. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. They may spend their time focusing on how they are angry at their parent rather than on what they could do better next time.

Former NBA star Charles Barkley added the regional component to the debate over spanking, when he suggested that a whipping is a kind of discipline.
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Of discipline works to teach the child a lesson, a parent oftentimes chooses to spank.

If you want your child to grow up as a responsible person, show him that you are a responsible parent to copy as you accomplish your house chores, as you try to keep your promises, etc. Instead of slapping a childs hands for writing on the wall, give the child ample sheets of paper to draw. Question: "Should a Christian continue spanking his/her children if it is illegal?". May we know our children well enough to know how best a matter of Perspective to discipline them with patience, perseverance, and love. Feelings of anger and revenge preoccupy the mind of a punished child instead of the chance of learning how a problem may be solved open-mindedly. Alternatives to Spanking, there are many discipline strategies that are more effective than spanking. When the law forbids spanking, the question arisesif spanking is illegal, do parents have the God-given right to continue to use corporal punishment to discipline their children? Without a consistent discipline strategy, it may feel like spanking is the best option. Controversy is what surrounds this corporal punishment topic. Have a counter in his room where notebooks and books can be organized.