contracts Syllabus Outline

which the requirements contract contained a fixed price. (2) A lawful agreement by either the seller or the buyer for exclusive dealing in the kind of goods concerned imposes unless otherwise agreed an obligation by the seller to use best efforts to supply the goods and by the buyer to use best efforts. An express promise to pay all or part of an indebtedness of the promisor, discharged or dischargeable in BK proceedings begun before the promise is made, is binding? A promise modifying a duty under a K not fully performed on either side is binding? A gain, advantage, or benefit to the promisor or a loss, disadvantage, or detriment to the promisee; OR? Forbearance to assert or the surrender of a claim or defense which proves to be invalid is not consideration unless? A promise is not binding under subsection 1?

UCC 2-306 (1 Output, Requirements and Exclusive Dealings? The present section continues in general prior policy as to specific performance and injunction against breach. A threat is improper if the resulting exchange is not on fair terms AND? R84: Promise to perform a duty in spite of non occurrence of a condition? Nor can a mere technical consideration support a modification made in bad faith? Subsection (3) expresses the policy that cover is not a mandatory remedy for the buyer. Three late arrivals to class will be counted as an absence.