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crosses class boundaries. The novel fragments also suggest that the tale might not end with a marriage, but rather with the creation of a new kind of family, one constituted by two mothers for Maria's child. 69 The distribution of toponyms in middle Sweden containing the names of the deities Freyr and Freyja may be a trace of a prehistoric sacral kingdom in the Mälaren region associated with the two fertility deities and the idea of a sacred marriage. 30 Other critics see The Wrongs of Woman as a "negation" of the anti-sentimental arguments offered in the Rights of Woman. The titles of these specialists have been found on rune stones, thus confirming their position within society. While in the Rights of Woman she had emphasized companioniate relationships, arguing that passions should cool between lovers, in The Wrongs of Woman, she celebrates those passions. The evidence of prehistoric openings in mounds may thus not indicate looting but the local community's efforts to retrieve holy objects from the grave, or to insert offerings. In place names the word sal is mostly connected to Odin, which shows a connection with political power. Ancestor worship was an element in pre-Christian Scandinavian culture.

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121 Ellis Davidson (1990). 7 Other sources suggests that the ritual acts were not necessarily limited to religious buildings. Kelly, Revolutionary Feminism, 208. 42 The playing in Stock Market thul was also connected to Odin, the god of rulers and kings, and thus poetry and the activities in the banquet halls. It was 100m long and was in use from 600 to 800. 32 The Rights of Woman portrays sexuality as a masculine characteristic, and while Wollstonecraft argues that some masculine characteristics are universal, this is not one of them. A b Taylor, 13637. (emphasis Wollstonecraft's) 6 Wollstonecraft believed that novels should be "probable" and depict "moderation, reason, and contentment". Johnson, 63; Kelly, Revolutionary Feminism, 215. In addition to sacred groves, texts mention holy wells and the leaving of offerings at streams, rocks and trees; these may have been to the landvttir as well as, or rather than, the gods.

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