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between Real Madrid and Liverpool. While one group went through the offices, floor by floor, the copper thieves were systematically tearing out the electrics from each floor of the ten-storey brewing tower and dropping it all down the stairwell. There are generators in the yard providing enough electricity to run computers and lighting but nothing more. Around 100 travellers started taking the place apart. Last summer, I reported how the Norfolk resort of Cromer was invaded by a gang of travellers over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

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We are sitting in a meeting room where what used to be a glass door is covered in chipboard. The brewery passed down to his son, Daniel II, MP for Blackburn, and thence to Daniel IIs daughter Elma, who ran the brewery with her husband Robert Yerburgh. A gang of travellers had pulled. Someone at the top took the decision not to search vehicles or use the usual investigational tools. From Clive Grunshaw, Lancashires police and crime commissioner, comes an equally static Electricity underwhelming response: I understand the concerns. Only now, three weeks later, have the police finally said that they have a suspect or two, though few are holding their breath. Thwaites staff who cut short their holiday breaks to return to their workplace were astounded.

The real damage, he tells me, has not been the loss of a few thousand pints of beer. That might explain why the police did not go inside. Were in the hospitality industry. When I put this to the police, they revert to the argument that it would not have been feasible to arrest 100 people.

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