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to be merged or "it would make the article too big". Plus there's claiming I wasn't assuming good faith when I've got the sources right in front of me and they don't support the text. It's then a case of telling people on Instagram what youre up to! Darius ( talk ) 01:19, (UTC) Further discussion about content of the South Armagh sniper should take place on its talk page. Other reason for avoiding the merger is practical. The mmorpg game Scarlet Blade emphasizes in this, as the game focuses on genetically enhanced females, and there are no male playable classes. In Extra Stages, this shows how better they are against male drivers. A significant minority of those involved opposed the decision. In Erin Bow's novel Sorrow's Knot, the Rangers are an all-female squad of hunters/guards who provide for and guard the Free Women of the Forest. Like Tom, I can't see consensus for a merger. Many of the members of the Brigade play baseball, which is one of the sports they want to call more attention to, instead of having just football and basketball be the two sports fans are interested. My good intentions collection was inspired by the New Year.

You (and the other guy) have mentioned Bishopsgate, but failed to address Warrenpoint, the Newry mortar attack, and other ops carried out by the Brigade, not to mention the bios of notorious members like Slab Murphy and others. Because of this, the women take up the dominant and war-like positions in their societies, with the storm riders being their most feared members. I think this modification cannot be seen as PoV in any way. Oh I think it can affect mental health massively. If you are using the FreeBSD version of sed that ships with Mac OS X by default, it will throw an EOF error. If you have discovered URLs which were erroneously considered dead by the bot, you can report them with this tool. This article is within the scope of WikiProject Ireland, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Ireland on Wikipedia.