baron Friedrich von Steuben

von Steuben received an appointment as hofmarschall (chancellor) to Josef Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern-Hechingen. Bell engaged machinery to dredge the Hackensack River and Coles Brook, near the Steuben House, for the erection of his proposed large manufactory, which was expected to employ 500 hands. Wright Copyright 1998 Alluring tales and lingering traces of bygone glory have made heritage tourism a fact strong on the Outside, Fragile on the Inside of life here for better than a century. Diggers kept some bottles for themselves and sold the rest for 50 apiece none now survive at the site.

Steuben, Friedrich, wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von (vollständiger Name Steuben, Baron.
Baron, friedrich von, steuben served with the Continental Army in the American Revolution and is best remembered for training.
General von, steuben, who lent his expertise in training George Washington's troops for the revolutionary war is handsomely depicted.

With the Society's inspiration, investment and encouragement, this significant remnant of second generation chinese v second generation japanese the Jersey Dutch countryside, a Revolutionary battleground and one of the last unspoiled vistas of the Hackensack River in its central valley, was preserved for future generations. Marquis de Lafayette, general "Mad" Anthony Wayne. Battle of Blandford, siege of Yorktown, lGBT. As reported in July 1909, the Baron Steuben House at North Hackensack was in danger of being remodeled and made into a tenement house, unless some friend of historic structures comes forward and buys it for the purpose of preserving. But no great deal is lost yet. Before I take the deeds for this place, I have to request the favor of your Excellency to represent to the legislature, that the only lot of wood belonging to the place was withheld by the agent at the sale on a doubt of its. Utica, New York, special Improvement Projects, namesakes US Counties. He was also a Regent of New York University and one of the organizers of the Deutsche Gesellschaft (German Society, a Charitable organization of New York State for the benefit of German immigrants and remained its first president from 1785 to his death). The Bergen County Historical Society held its first program at the Steuben House on Constitution Day in September 1935, when caretaker, Mrs. This location had an added advantage: because of the wide Hackensack Meadowlands downstream, New Bridge remained the nearest river crossing to Newark Bay until 1790. There is a replica of the log cabin he lived in, furnished with some of his belongings and other colonial furnishings. He was also a member of Trinity Lodge#.M.