alternatives to the Clean Water Dilemma

government personnel and others who are involved in the municipal water supply industry, and the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment field. They provide clever statistical arguments to support the following hypotheses: intending cooperators (those who cooperate when they must engage) do better in the Optional PD than in the corresponding PD; intending defectors generally do worse in the Optional PD; under some some conditions these gains. There may be good reason to restrict the available strategies. He compares this to the payoffs of his non-cooperatiave neighbors. They explore in some detail the course of evolution among agents restricted democracy vs. Dictatorship to a small choice of strategies, including unconditional defection, an extortionary ZD strategy and the familiar (relatively cooperative) strategy (bP_1).

Additives that are mixed with the active ingredient (wetting agents, diluents or solvents, extenders, adhesives, buffers, preservatives and emulsifiers).
How to clean your glass cooktop using only baking soda and dishsoap.
With a good soak of hot soapy water and baking soda, carbonized materials just melts right off and the glass cooktop shines new again.

There are a variety of such ZD strategies for the IPD (and indeed for most two-player, two-move games). Since the reward payoff slightly exceeds the punishment payoff, the cooperators again do better than the defectors. For example, it is assumed that, at the node reached after a long series of moves (bC (bC bC (bC Player One will choose (bD) despite never having done so before. Suppose, for example, that a group of people are applying for a single job, for which they are equally qualified. This might be a good model for cooperative activity in which success requires full cooperation.

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