psychological Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

have perceptions of themselves that may affect a particular purchase. Why did Nancy buy pizza? Learn more about the various psychological factors that influence consumer behavior only at the University Canada West. You buy food when you're hungry, protective gear to feel safe, brand-name clothing to look stylish, education to enable accomplishment and self-improvement to reach self-actualization, the pinnacle of psychologist Abraham Maslow's hierarchical pyramid of needs. For example, people who view themselves as having exquisite taste are willing to pay more for a specific brand or product that is perceived to be the best. Through marketing-mix the marketer can confirm existing attitudes towards his producer, if it is doing well. Answer - She was feeling hungry and wanted to eat something.

If a company appears to share your values, it may attract your business. Its basically how we as human beings organize and make sense of information to form some sort of worldview. Why do people wear branded clothes?

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Janeb13 / Pixabay, learning process involves the following three steps: Drive: A drive is a strong internal stimulus impelling action. Recognition and self esteem also influence the buying decision of individuals. Abraham Maslow has presented the hierarchy of human needs to explain the behavior of the individual. An individual who wears a Tag Heuer watch would never purchase a local watch as this would be against his image. A person acts because he wants to fulfill his needs. Please reference authorship of content used, including link(s) to m and the content page url. It interacts with perception, thinking, feeling, and reasoning. A product might be really good but if the consumer feels it is useless, he would never buy. These are as follows: Basic physiological needs. Its human nature for consumers to make all kinds of associations, both conscious and subconscious, from their experiences. It can the falling apart of Things Fall Apart be defined as a complex process by which people select, organize and interpret sensory stimulation into a meaningful and coherent picture.

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