ted Bundy: Most Nefarious Serial Killer of All Time

Ann Rule. Over the years, we've learned a lot about the life of Ted Bundy, including the family he left behind. Constant need to control One of the most prominent traits of Bundy, as well as many other killers, is the constant need to be in complete control of every situation. Strangely enough though, he appeared to have a perfect family life, and his wife and daughters had no idea about this side of him. It didnt work; he was executed in the electric chair in 1989, with the true number of his victims unknown. She remembers thinking, boy, it didnt take him long quest of the Faes to find someone else, (Keppel). Bundy defied the general assumption that the deranged killer would be an individual that was shunned by society and, therefore, acted out as a means of vengeance. For the Bundy case, this definition holds true, and the time between his murders varies over a four-year period. He claimed that he was using the body parts to assemble a new version of his beloved mother.

Not only can Bundy be called the first postmodern serial killer, but it appears that he also can be called the most motivated, or versatile, serial killer as well. He, in cold blood, murdered twenty young women in a period of just sixteen months and mutilated their bodies upon the completion of his acts. But remember, he was a Republican. The categories are: Power and/or control over the victim.

In fact, he used his charming, unsuspecting demeanor as a means readers Response to of attracting his potential victims. Although officials identified the remains as Gunness, doubt quickly spread, as the body was much smaller than the tall, heavyset Belle. Contemporary Perspectives on Serial Murder. In fact, Bundy proposed to Boone in court in 1980, as seen in this clip from E!'s "True Hollywood Story The lovebirds had a jailhouse marriage. Belles true fate remains unknown, although unverified sightings continued for decades after her death. New York City: Pocket Books, 1995.

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