drinking on College Campuses

most studies on campus sexual assault prevention programs, according to the New York Times, have yielded equivocal or dismal results so far. 10 Tips for Staying Safe While Drinking Drinking, like any other social activity, can be fun when in moderation. Let alcohol play a supporting role rather than the lead Many people say they drink to become more social or they drink to have more fun at an event. College Seminary, and Regent University. A person who has a BAC of over.08 is legally intoxicated. Why should college students be concerned about binge drinking? Roberts Wesleyan College Rochester, NY Roberts Wesleyan College /Facebook Health and safety: A Drug safety: A Party scene: C Students reported feeling very safe on campus, as security is available for escorts or emergencies 24/7.

Safety is a primary and constant concern for many college students and parents.
Campus-security presence, emergency procedures, local and campus crime rates, and drug and alcohol use are factors that determine the level of safety on a college campus.
College -review site Niche used the above factors.
The student market research company spoke to 1,200 full-time four-year college students this semester about a range of topics, including what they saw as the biggest problems on campus.
Students were asked to list the top three problems from a list of 21 options 63 of the students included.

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According to Jim LaPierre, a clinical social worker and therapist in Maine, Binge drinking is episodically using alcohol in what is typically considered large amounts. But for college students taking a sip of alcohol for the first time, its easy to go overboard and into dangerous territory. The problem, McMurtrie concluded, was that colleges focused their efforts on providing information without changing their enforcement methods or changing environmental factors to binge drinking, such as fraternity parties and tailgates. And, as the LA Times notes, Young women arriving at college have widely been socialized to be friendly and likable, which can blind them to the aggressive advances they might encounter at a party. In fact, the Princeton Review ranks stone-cold sober schools each year.

Drinking on College Campuses
drinking on College Campuses